Sedef Karabiyikoglu

Sedef came to Oxford in August 2016 after receiving her PhD degree from UCLA, USA. She received her BSc and MSc degrees from METU, Turkey and enjoys organometallic chemistry, chatting and watching anime.



Maria 'Masha' Lebedeva

Masha joined the Fletcher group in March 2018 and is working on visualizing reactions related to origins of life. She has got her PhD in inorganic chemistry from Nottingham University. Masha enjoys travelling, photography and all outdoor sports.



Elena Palmieri

Elena joined the group in October 2018 to work on autocatalytic systems. She got her PhD working on asymmetric autocatalysis in Bochum, Germany and her BSc and MSc degrees in Milano, Italy. Out of the lab, she enjoys climbing and outdoor activities, ashtanga yoga and reading.


Arseni Borissov

Arseni joined in 2019 to work on out-of-equilibruim autocatalytic systems. Previously he studied for MChem degree in Edinburgh and completed DPhil in Oxford with Martin Smith and Paul Beer, developing a strong interest in supramolecular chemistry. He enjoys skiing, video games, and listening to black metal.

Ton Engwerda

Ton received his PhD at the Radboud University in the Netherlands, working on the deracemization of chiral compounds. He joined the Fletcher group in march 2019 to work on autocatalytic systems. He enjoys hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.


Sourabh Mishra

Sourabh joined the Fletcher group in June 2019 to work on asymmetric catalysis. He got his BS-MS dual degree from IISER Bhopal, India and received his PhD degree from the University of Florida, USA. He enjoys chemistry, music and watching football.


Robert Scanes

4th year DPhil at University College/ Oxford CDT in Synthesis for Biology & Medicine. Robert is investigating asymmetric autocatalytic reactions. When not in the lab, he enjoys dealing in antiques, reading early printed books and the quizzing circuit.

Reece Jacques

4th year DPhil at St Hilda's College/ Oxford CDT in Synthesis for Biology & Medicine. Aside from chemistry he enjoys a wide range of sports, and devotes as much time as possible (and most of his money) to attending gigs and music festivals.

Alexandre Brethomé

4th year DPhil at Wolfson College/ Oxford CDT in Synthesis for Biology & Medicine. Alexandre is working in the Fletcher group and collaborates with Rob Paton. Apart from chemistry he enjoys swimming, reading and hiking.

Alexander Hell

3rd year DPhil at Lincoln College. Alexander is involved in the synthesis of new ligands and their application in asymmetric catalysis. He has a BSc and MSc degree from RWTH Aachen University, Germany and enjoys organometallic chemistry, travelling, and the pub.

Joseph Wang

3rd year DPhil at Keble College. Prior to Oxford, Joseph studied at the Australian National University in Canberra (his beloved home town). He enjoys chemistry, pub and music.


Elias 'The Beerd' Post

3rd year DPhil at Worcester College. Elias has a masters degree from Radboud University in the Netherlands and is currently working on development of new autocatalytic reactions. He likes to play squash, to brew beer and to go to the pub.  

Lucy van Dijk

3rd year DPhil at Balliol College/Oxford CDT in Synthesis for Biology and Medicine. Lucy’s research focuses on the mechanistic investigation and development of asymmetric catalytic reactions, she collaborates with Prof. Rob Paton. She enjoys travelling and music.

Wieland Goetzke

2nd year DPhil at New College. Wieland has a BSc from the University of Cologne, Germany and an MSc from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, he is working on asymmetric catalysis developing reactions that introduce more than one stereogenic center. He enjoys surfing, fencing, and cooking.

Yan Zhang

1st year DPhil at Somerville College. Yan has a BSc degree of Chemistry from Imperial College London and is currently working on asymmetric catalysis. Besides research, she also loves reading, singing and visiting the museums.


Violeta Stojalnikova

1st year DPhil at Keble College. Violeta has a BA and MSci in Natural Sciences from St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge and is currently working on asymmetric catalysis. She enjoys going for walks, reading and travelling.

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