Fletcher Research Group


Synthetic chemistry is unique amongst the sciences as it allows the construction of new molecular materials.  We are developing catalytic methods for the asymmetric construction of carbon-carbon bonds.  We also synthesize and study new materials to help us understand important chemical, physical and biological phenomena.

We operate out of the Chemistry Research Laboratory.

Recent News

June: Steve, Mireia, Hengzhi, Emeline, Thomas, Philipp, Zhenbo and Nisha go to OMCOS18 in Barcelona.

Welcome CDT rotation students Killian and Minh!


Welcome CDT rotation students Nod and Sarah, and Diego who is visiting from Italy for 6 months!


Hengzhi, Emeline and Mireia’s latest work has appeared in Nature!


Welcome Zhenbo, Nisha, Sarah and Elise to the lab!


Welcome to Ina Scheipers visiting from Muenster


Steve, Philipp, Emeline, Henzhi, Andrew, Mireia and Manu go to Chirality2014 in Prague!

Steve and Andrew go to Origins2014 in Nara Japan.

Welcome Alexandra a visiting Oxford undergraduate student.


Welcome Laura Mola visiting the group for 3 months from Barcelona

Elle and Becky’s paper on lactones has been highlighted by “ACS Editors’ Choice” - free open access.


Congrats to Becky on successfully passing her DPhil Viva!!


Our collaborative paper with the Katsonis group has been highlighted with an article and video in C&E News!

Sigma-Aldrich is now selling a catalyst complex we developed  Catalogue number L512532

December: Tina goes to the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium and Becky to J-NOST meeting in India.

October: Welcome Philipp and Thomas, new DPhil students.

August:  Welcome Florian visiting us from Muenster until November!

July: Emiline and Hengzhi attend the 23rd International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry

Becky, Phil and Mireia to go Fort Collins, Colorado for OMCOS17 

June: Our quaternary centre manuscript is highlighted as a ‘hot paper’ in Angewandte chemie!

May: Tina wins a runner-up prize for her talk at the annual RSC Physical Organic Group postgraduate meeting. Good job!

April: Becky wins the runner-up prize for her lecture at the SCI postgraduate symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry in London!