Fletcher Research Group

Synthetic chemistry is unique amongst the sciences as it allows the construction of new molecular materials. We are developing catalytic methods for the asymmetric construction of carbon-carbon bonds. We also synthesize and study new materials to help us understand important chemical, physical and biological phenomena. 

We operate out of the Chemistry Research Laboratory.







Recent News



Welcome Wieland! New DPhil student in the group.


The asymmetric catalysis people of the group are going to the ISHC Congress in Regensburg, Germany. Well done Mireia for winning a poster prize! Welcome Ivana who is visiting for 3 months from Bratislava.


Well done Sarah for winning a poster prize at the Origin of Life Conference in San Diego. Congratulations to our Part II students Ella and Jonny for passing their viva!


Welcome new CDT rotation student Lucy.


Welcome new CDT rotation students Marie and Robert.


A good start into the year. Congratulations Dr You for passing your viva. 



The group grows. Welcome to the new PDRAs Iuliia, Ignacio and Emeline, the new DPhil students Alex, Joseph and Elias, the Part II students Ella and Jonny and welcome back Reece, Alex and Rob.

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